Oh yeah! my son, baby A was 6lb6oz and baby b my daughter was 5 lbs even.  And now at almost 7 weeks he’s huge!! He’s so big and heavy and shes so small and dainty.  He looks likes a 3 month old already! 

They sleep now about 3-4 hours. They have done 5 hours and that was a blessing.  They are still sleeping a ton during the day. I’m trying to keep them stimulated but its hard when I”m tired. But they sleep after each feeding at night too.  I havent had them up and staring at me at 3 am.  They pretty much eat burp and sleep.  The sleep stretches are getting longer and one sleeps more than the other. Can’t wait till they sleep so much longer then what they are doing. Cant wait!!!!

If I remember anything else then i’ll make another post. :-)

labor, delivery, nursing and life with 6 week old twins!!

Wow! Life is crazy!! But a good crazy! Life has changed un so many ways…well in all ways. I”ll start with my final MFM appointment I had on dec. 4th. Baby B(girl) was much smaller and the MFM suggested moving the induction date from Dec. 10th. He said they would be fine but theres no benefit keeping them in another week.  So we moved the induction date to dec 6th. thursday night. 

We went in thursday night, and at about 9pm was inserted with cervidil. It was a very chill night, we just went to sleep and waited. So about 3-4am I started getting light contractions. The cervidil was putting me into labor.  Still nothing eventful.  They were checking my blood pressure and I was getting pre-clampsia.  

I have 4 doctors in my practice.  The doctor I wanted to deliver me was on call at 7am. I was waiting for her bc she was the one to deliver the twins vaginally.  The other 3 wanted to do a c-section on me so when I started getting pre-clampsia before 7am, the other doctor wanted to rush me to c-section. My husband and I got upset bc I was perfectly healthy and had a perfectly healthy pregnancy. They called the OB who was delivering me and she said to wait and she was coming in at 7 and I was fine and she was going to deliver me vaginally. She said it was not at the point to have an emergency c-section. I was fine and my blood pressure was going down with meds and laying on my side.  So the other OB’s backed off and listened to the directions of my veteran OB. We waited the few hours for my OB. When she came in I was so happy and relieved.  She said I was fine and everything was in control and we are proceeding with our plan to deliver me vaginally.  

I got the epidural some time Friday when I couldnt take the pain anymore. My water broke as I was getting the epidural.   I remember being so thirsty! So very thirsty and all they could give me were jello and popsicles.   

My labor was progressing beautifully, I went from 3 cm to 6 cm to 10 cm dilated. And then they wheeled me into the operating room to push! Baby b was transverse but my ob was going to manipulate her to come down head first. 

I started pushing Friday night dec. 7 at 10Pm.  It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced! It was more grueling then running a race!! It was so tiring! I didn’t feel a thing while I was pushing though. It was completely painless. My husband was great couching me on and counting 10 seconds for me. It felt like I was pushing forever and I kept asking is he there yet, is he out yet. And at 10:51pm my baby boy came out! Screaming and crying and punching! haha. I took a breather and asked if he was ok and normal. They said he was just fine and it was time to push again. She was head down! Who hoo! This time I only pushed for about 20 minutes. And she was out at 11:18pm! But she had a scare. The cord was wrapped around her neck and she was not screaming and crying. She was taken to the side by the neonatalogist and they put an oxygen mask on her. I was freaking out. No one said anything. My husband was telling me to be patient they were working on her. My OB wouldn’t say anything, she just continued working on me. It was awful!  I kept asking my husband to go over there but he wouldnt. Then finally, cries!! Her cries! She was fine! They wrapped them up, and let me hold them and kiss them. Both of them were wide awake staring at me. They knew I was their mama. 

My family was waiting in my room. They wheeled the babies and I back in. I was so exhausted!! i just wanted to sleep and drink water.  i immediately did skin to skin and latched them on my breasts. They latched on beautifully!! :-)

They took us to recovery and took the babies to the nursery bc I was sooooo sleepy and out if it. I barely remember any of it.  It was like a dream 

I was on medication  to keep my blood pressure in control and that was making me drowsy and woozy. But other than that I felt great, my episiotomy  was great. I stopped taking the pain meds after a day. 

The first day with the twins in the hospital was not fun. It was nothing I can describe. Motherhood at that point was not what I imagined. I was not enjoying it.  My husband and I hadn’t slept all night, it was overwhelming and a lot to deal with.  We went home Sunday night and even leaving the hospital getting them ready was a huge task. I definitely felt the baby blues. I was crying alot when I got home. My was mom staying with us to help and I cried to her begging for help, telling her how hard this was and I don;t know if I could be a good mom.  

And then there was the nursing. I felt like my milk was not coming in fast enough and they were always hungry and I felt bad for giving them formula to supplement. I wanted to give up on nursing all together. So many times I wanted to give up but I kept at it. Even now I wonder when I can do it it till.  It finally did come in after a week but was not enough for then. They would nurse at hour at a time, tandem nursing and i just could not do that. It was tiring and would be my entire day.  I now pump majority of the time and give to them in bottles. I get a good amount now. They latch on a drink from me great and now almost 7 weeks they tandem nurse quite well.  But just for conveience I pump in bottle feed most of the time. I try to tandem nurse a few times a day just to keep my milk coming.  But I feel like its alreayd starting to go down. 

I formula feed them at night and pump and start to collect that supply for the next day. So al day they get my breast milk. And then at night again I give formula and pump.   This has been working out great. The are getting majority of my milk. But now they are drinking more and I barely have enough supply for them for the day.  I need to latch them on more during the day to keep my milk. :-(

Things have definitely gotten easier. The babies are becoming easier to take care of.  They are so cute and so cuddly. I love them so much and can;t believe they were my tummy! Its so surreal! I have taken them out to the mall twice and my in laws once. But other than that they’ve been inside.  It’s flu season an so cold in Chicago right now.   Can;t wait for the spring weather to them for walks outside and just enjoy life more with them.  

My mom has been great and gives my husband and I date nights every now and then. Even if it’s just dinner or a stroll at the mall we need that time and enjoy it.  We have become much closer and but also different with each other, in a good way. We are parents now and definitely act like it. Watching my husband with them is so sweet and he is so hands on. I trust him fully with them! He gives me 4 hour naps at a time and does such a good job taking care of them. I feel so confident in him that I knock out right away. :-)  

Sleep has gotten better too. I was so sleep deprived in the beginning I thought I was going to die.  But now I feel great. I sleep when they sleep and then get stuff done the other times they are asleep.  I began exercising again.  It feels great. I’ve already lost 45 lbs just from delivery and nursing. I gained about 56 from the pregnancy, so 10 more to go.  

I usually look pretty sloppy most of the time just because who has time to do their hair and makeup with twins? But now I am taking care of myself more and try to look decent for my husband. He says I look back to normal and that makes me feel good. 

Overall,  it’s crazy hard, but getting better, much better as time goes by. I”m enjoying life with my new little miracles.  And I can;t ask for more. :-)

One more day!!

So we saw our MFM and they recommended they induce me this week. So we go in Thurs. night for Cervidil and by Friday I’ll be a mommy!! Baby B(girl) is almost head down now! She was transverse and kinda still is but now her head is like on my lower side and is more downward! I’m excited and hope I can successfully deliver them vaginally.   

I’m so nervous! I think it’s all sinking for both  my hubby and I. We both kinda just layed in bed like omg this is it. No turning back. This is really happening.  

I was also wondering which bottles you ladies recommend. I know it’s kind of late in the game and I have already gotten the bornfree ones but I”m not sure if I made the right decision. The tommee tippee ones look so soft and nicer for their mouths. I bought a pack of tommee tippers to test them out too but I”m wondering if I should go ahead and get all tommee tippees.  

Thanks ladies for your input and words of encouragement! 

37 weeks and cramping

Thank you so much ladies for the info.  I’m so nervous about Vaginal! 

I’ve been having some cramping episodes. Like menstrual like cramps all day off and on everyday now. Does this mean labor is near? Why am I cramping so much now?

36 weeks.

We made it to 36 weeks! Whoo too! I had a false labor the other day though.  Killer back pain that last for a minute with tummy tightening and then released.  This went on for a hour and we were very close to calling the doctor but it stopped after an hour.  

I;m not sure what this means just that maybe labor is near.  Oh and now baby A is head down so we are going with a vaginal birth. Baby B is still transverse but my OB says she can manipulate her to come down head first. Does anyone have any advice and information about this? Does that part where the OB sticks her hand inside me hurt? Is it safe for baby B? I”m becoming super nervous about this.  But I know if I can do vaginal it is best for my recovery. 

Is there anyway to make baby B head down on her own? Can I do anything to make her head down?

Another thing that happened recently was that there was a pound weight difference in the babies which resulted in us going to the MFM to see if they were in discordance.  After the MFM appointment they decided they were not and it was normal and fine and both are doing good.  The female is just more smaller and petite than the male.  But if she continues to not get bigger they will induce me.  I’m still not dilated, my cervix is still 4 cm. Baby A(male) is 5.4lbs and baby B (female) is 4.3 lbs. I have another MFM appointment next week where they will check it all again and do a doppler.  Who knows if I”ll make it by then though.  

Any mommys of twins have anymore advice for me? What do you think?

33 weeks

Congrats to the mommies I’m following who had their twins!! I haven’t been on here in a while! Well I’m 33 1/2 weeks and anxiously counting down the weeks.  We have a c-section scheduled for Dec. 10th when I’m 38 weeks. All is going well so far thank god. The babies are growing well and growing together at the same rate.  I am not dilated at all, my NST’s have been going well. I am starting to swell a bit in my hands and feet. But I extremely exhausted from even the smallest tasks.  We had our carseats installed today by the police department.  I’m finishing a final load of laundry. The baby room is complete and clothes are washed and put in drawers and the closet. I just have to pack my over night bag which is making me nervous. I think reality is sinking with the thought of the overnight bag.  Oh I do have somethings to do still. I need to disinfect the bottles and pacifiers and nipples.  I”m just putting them in a huge pot of boiling water.   I have my nursing pillow ready.  We had our cpr safety class yesterday. We had our hospital tour last week.   hmm, what else.  We have our playroom set up. It’s just a centralized location for the swings and bouncy’s, toys, etc.   

I am ready for the babies to come. I’m excited, nervous, and can’t wait to see what they look like.  I’ve been very emotional lately. Crying about anything and everything.  

I’ve also been thinking about birth control after I deliver.  I want to have more children, but after it took me so long to conceive and finally with the help of fertility meds, I’m not sure if i’ll have to go that route again.  I’ve heard many stories of how women who struggled to conceive the first time, got pregnant so quickly after their first child. And with twins I definitely want to wait at least 3 years to conceive again.  I need to ask my OB the next appointment.  

My husband and I have been fortunate enough to live with my inlaws. So we are not paying for rent or utilities. So I am able to stay home and not work. But my husband is still a resident and his salary is smaller than what I was making as a teacher. So we are still stressing about bills. Medical, phone, car payment and insurance.  And my loans and his loans. We have savings and are hoping we don’t have to tap into that.  I’ve started cutting coupons, and using coupons for everything I possibly can.  Trying to get any kind of discount I possibly can.  We were blessed with very generous family and friends and got almost everything from our shower.  But we still had stuff to buy of course. There’s always something.  But i’ve been using coupons as much as I can. Babies r us, buybuybaby have mobile coupons im only purchasing if  I have a coupon available.  

Im counting my blessings. After struggling to conceive one baby I have two on the way.  Money comes and goes and it’ll only be for maybe 3 more years until he can started practicing.  We have a light a the end of the tunnel. I think of all the families and mothers who can not give their babies even the basics so I have nothing to complain about at all. Women in 3rd world countries raise their babies and can do it with out Aden and Anais blankies.  So we will survive and it’ll be ok.   It’s a humbling experience.


25 weeks

It’s been a while. Everything has been good so far. Babies are healthy and growing appropriaely thank god.The babies are kicking so much.  We started the baby room., I’m shopping like crazy. Stocking up on baby clothes all sizes. I go straight t the clearance and sale aisles.  My diabetes test is friday. So nervous!

I’ve gained a full 30 lbs since I conceived. My doctor is upset with me but I was very tiny before. I was dieting and working out. And then I got pregnant and it all came rushing back. I’ve been watching what I’m eating now.  Trying to eat only protein and trying to avoid rice and bread. Trying…:-(

 I was getting killer back pain but then stated yoga and pilates and stretching and it has helped 100%! I’ve been doing safe back exercises at the gym as well.  I;ve been also getting braxton hicks I think. It’s a tightening feeling when I walk or exercise or stand too long.  

Sorry its right before bedtime and im exausted. I’ll write more next time. This was a quick abrupt post. :-( Sorry!

18 wks and we re having a boy and a girl!!!! We can not be more thrilled! I cried like a big baby on that table. Still can’t believe this is all happening to us. I have a son and a daughter! :-) she was sucking her thumb moving like crazy and he was being so shy and timid. Already seeing their personalities. Now we can start buying stuff! Thanking god everyday for our blessings. :-)




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